October 2010

Hour 13

Trish again!

I had to stop watching Gilmore Girls because I was OBSESSED (and my favorite character left!), but I love this one scene where Rory and Lorelei are arguing over how many books she should take to school, and I stumbled on this:

Now I must watch more Gilmore Girls! You should be grateful Shesten’s going to be taking over, otherwise I’d find clips and make you watch them with me all night! Mwahahaha!!


Our next mini-challenge is the Title Word Scramble hosted by Sheery from Sheery’s Place. You’ll have to unscramble modern and classic book titles.

Winners announced

The winner of Jill’s Shake Those Pom Poms mini-challenge is Erin from Erin Reads! Jill will be contacting you about your prize. Here was Erin’s winning cheer:

Some days we’re busy, busy,
We race ’round at full speed,
But today’s the read-a-thon –
Sit your butt down and just read!

Forget those pesky errands,
From duties you are freed.
Today’s the read-a-thon –
Sit your butt down and just read!

Your friends might come a-calling,
You might have mouths to feed,
But today’s the read-a-thon –

Also, we’re picking a random participant to win a book of their choice, and that winner is Michelle from Literarily Speaking! Congratulations, Michelle! Email deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim your loot.

Still ongoing

Attempting Audiobooks

Mid event meme

37 thoughts on “Hour 13”

  1. I never really watched Gilmore Girls but I was always fascinated by how many books Rory read, and I loved that they made a book nerd a main character!

  2. That;s too funny…yeah my friend always laughed at me..she says I inhale when I walk in a book store like most people do at a bakery! Maybe that’s why I am a librarian…

  3. I love GG to this day and still watch it!! Who was your favorite character?

    I was always partial to Babette. I loved how she had her little quirks to go along with a heart of gold. 🙂

  4. My Yahoo email isn’t working for some reason – “Unusual Internet Activity” – but I wanted to let you know that Cass from Bonjour, Cass won the Pet Pics challenge. I will email her as soon as my service comes back.

  5. Erin makes the best cheers, this is another great one!

    I love Gilmore Girls. Which was your favourite character? Can’t help but be curious.

  6. Congratulations, Erin! That’s an awesome cheer!

    I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I love that show and watch it any chance I get. Love the clip!

    ~ Amy

  7. Oh how I miss my Gilmore Girls! I think everyone doing this Read-a-thon could relate to Rory. More Gilmore goodness please!

    My most recent flight out of state, I packed my carry-on with 12 books for a 10 day trip. They came in handy with the 8 hour delay 🙂 although one of my traveling companions insisted on teasing me.

  8. Thanks for the Gilmore Girls fix! I need to watch it all again. So who was your favourite character that left?
    Would it be embarrassing if I admitted that we have a son called Jess? Not specifically named after GG Jess, but that was where we first heard the name for a boy. 😀

  9. I love Gilmore Girls! Have seen every episode way too many times, but that show never gets old. This is one of my favorite scenes, too 🙂

  10. Gilmore girls was my favorite show. I was so upset that it was over, so I convinced my friend to buy the complete season just so I could borrow it and watch all over again. I even got my boyfriend hooked, which is a difficult feat considering its a girl show!

  11. I LOVE that video! I just had a post last month or so about bookish characters in movies/tv and included that clip! It’s my favorite show!

  12. I love it! I was/am still obsessed with Gilmore Girls, and I so happened to reference that particular Gilmore Girls scene recently (like two days ago). You just made my night! 🙂

  13. I LOVE the GG!! I am always sad to see the last episode. In fact, when I was in labor with my first daughter (22 hours of labor) I had a 12 hour GG marathon before I left for the hospital. 🙂 They will always be so fond to me. I have most of the seasons on DVD and watch the reruns on ABC Family. 🙂

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