April 2010, readathon

Hour 13

You’ve officially made it half-way!  Do me a favor.  Take your right hand, reach across your left shoulder and give yourself a big pat on the back.  You guys are doing great!  We’ve officially pushed into the 13th hour catapulting you past the half-way mark and onto the downhill side of this fun-filled, well-caffeinated day of reading.   What books are you guys reading now? And are you loving them? Here’s a tip: Sometimes during the Read-A-Thon it’s easier to stay motivated if you choose short books that are around 300 pages or less. If you’re having difficulty with your book, try switching to a shorter one!

This is my last hour cohosting the ‘thon, so I’m handing the reins over to the oh SO capable hands of Bethany from Dreadlock Girl and heading off to finish up the first book I started this morning!  I’m also contemplating one of those AMP drinks I’ve got stuffed away in the cupboard.  Good luck guys!  I hope I see you at the finish line!


You get to write a post about your favorite book that features friends turned lovers in Star Shadow Blog’s Romancing Your Friendship Mini-Challenge.

Winners Announced

Ashley from the Book Photo Shoot Mini-Challenge made it so that all of the participants won a prize!  Yay!  Congrats to Kate, Chick Loves Lit, and Nise from Under the Boardwalk and Sarah from Dangerously Cold Tea!

The winner of the Soundtrack Songs Mini-Challenge is Exiled by Accident who gets to select a prize from the prize page!  Please contact us with your prize selection from the prize section and your mailing address at DeweyReadathon at gmail.

Congrats to another two random cheerleaders:

Alita from Alita Reads

Valerie from Life is A Patchwork Quilt

Please contact us with your prize selection from the prize section and your mailing address at DeweyReadathon at gmail.

Still Ongoing

Mid-Event Meme

15 thoughts on “Hour 13”

  1. It is the half way point, but its not the halfway point for me as I got a late start, but congrats to those who have survived thus far!!! Good luck on the long hours to come.

  2. Yaaay!! I dozed off around past three in the morning but I’ve managed to finish pendragon book 4: The Reality Bug. Now I’m off to my second book!

    Go, go, go every one! 🙂

  3. I am reading Lost Paradise by Cees Nooteboom. It is very different to what I expected. I have taken the hosts advice though and am sticking with short books. The first one I read was 341 pages and this one is 199 pages.

    Good work everyone!!!

  4. I learned my lesson from the last read-a-thon. All books in my TBR pile are around 200 pages or less. I’m having fun with this again and now it’s time for breakfast : )

    HAPPY readings everyone!!!

  5. I kinda feel like I’m cheating by reading shorter, larger print size and teen/ya books, but I knew that was the only way I’d be able to keep on it!

    The cheerleaders are awesome, the rhymes are great, thanks so much everyone, I’m having a wonderful time!

  6. I’m reading short books to keep myself going but when I do my round-up post I’ll be mentioning that. Started late so don’t feel like I’ve taken part for long but I’ve the alarm reading for an early start in the morning!

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