October 2012, readathon

Hour 12


We’re ALMOST HALFWAY there! 1 more hour till you achieve 12 hours of reading! Wohooo! You can do it!!!

For hour 12 I have the honor to be also hosting the mini challenge of the hour! So stop by my blog and check it out, it’s called Dreaming Characters!

And while you’re reading, try to move your feet a little bit to keep your blood circulating so they don’t swell much!You can do that exercise for 3 and a half minutes, that’s enough! Or you can jump a few times too, it helps! The song bellow might motivate you 😉


New Minichallenge

Dreaming Characters @ Reading Romances

Still Going On

Literacy Challenge @ Joy Story

Marking Books @ Nisaba be praised

Day Break @ I Heart Monster



Katie @   KT’s Reading Rainbow
TG @  What I Read and What I Thought

Door Prizes




 You’ve all won a prize of your choice!  Congrats! Just email deweyreadathon at gmail with your pick off of the prize list and mailing address to claim it!



15 thoughts on “Hour 12”

  1. I’m really tired and we’re not even half way through!
    It’s midnight here and I’ve been awake since 7 so I doubt I’ll make it another 13 hours which is a shame because this is really fun 🙁

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