April 2012, readathon

Hour 12 – Another one bites the dust!

Helloooo, readers!

This is Elizabeth of MissWisabus.com coming to you from Oklahoma! I’ll be your cohost for the next few hours.

At the end of this hour you will officially be halfway done. Give yourself a round of applause! That is no small feat. And while we’re talking about rounds of applause, how about one for our cheerleaders? They are AWESOME! Thanks to all of you for giving some of your time to cheer on fellow readers. I know I appreciate it when I get an encouraging comment on my blog or on Twitter. Be sure to thank your cheerleaders for all that they are doing! Have you had some great ones? Leave a comment here and brag on them a bit 🙂

Current Minichallenges

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E-Book Survey at Noumena12 Book Blog.
First Line Quiz at Fictionally Inclined.

Seeing as we’re almost halfway through, how many titles have you finished?

When I finish a book during the event I can’t help but sing this to myself…

Happy reading, y’all!


Random reader from this hour:
Naida from The Bookworm
Email us at deweyreadathonATgmailDOTcom to collect your prize!

The Weird Sisters Challenge: Judith @ Leeswammes’ Blog
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11 thoughts on “Hour 12 – Another one bites the dust!”

  1. I have finished 1 title and almost done with book #2! I have done 10 hours so far and I think the cheerleaders are being awesome!

    I am about to take a 2 hour break for an event but I will be back and reading later tonight 🙂

  2. So… I’ve read half of one book and 5 (I think) chapters of another… Am I doing that badly? Owww. I may just as well go to sleep (not joking).
    I’ve had a couple of commenters which were very nice… Are there less cheerleaders this time around? I haven’t seen their usual fun cheers anywhere yet — but its true I haven’t visited a lot either…

  3. I’ve finished 2 books so far. I abandoned another that just wasn’t engaging me, so now I’m working on a book that I started some time ago. But I’m tempted to wander to another book because I’m not sure if I’m in the mood for this particular tale.

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