Hour 11 – Nearing the Halfway Mark!


Ah! It’s Hour 11 and you are still hanging in there! Good job, you.

I’m Deb Nance from Readerbuzz and I’ll be your host this hour.

Forgive me, but I love corny jokes. Especially love grammar and punctuation corny humor (doesn’t everyone?)

Punctuation Jokes


Sorry. I did warn you.


So what’s going on this hour?


Mini Challenges

Try Kristen’s Picture Challenge!


Still Ongoing

Book Sentence Challenge!

Clear the Cobwebs and Recharge Yoga Challenge!

Darren’s Book Cover Quiz!


Winners Announced – E-mail to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

1.Ā Lit and Life!
2. Joystory!

Cheerleader Winner

CaroG at A Girl That Likes Books!


Don’t forget to add the books you’ve read during Readathon here!

And I’ll see you next hour. Hope you get some good reading done!


11 thoughts on “Hour 11 – Nearing the Halfway Mark!”

  1. Yeiiii! I won (not sure what, but is the feeling of excitement that counts :D)!!! I’m so happy, I’ve loved cheering today!

  2. Oh, dear, I think I’m getting high from having read almost non-stop for more than 10 hours! It’s 11.15pm where I am and I just keep bursting into fits of giggles, and doing stupid crazy things! If I’m like this now what’ll I be like at noon tomorrow if I stay up reading all night??

    Seriously, books are like drugs to me!

  3. Was having such a lovely time, on my third book.
    Ended up with some ill timed dinner company.
    I don’t want to be rude but it’s my readathon!

  4. Yep, that has happened to me. And how can you possibly explain that you would love to visit, but you are smack-dab in the middle of a readathon?

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