Hour 11

Readerbuzz in Spring


¡Hola tambien, mis amigos de libros! (Hello again, my book friends!)


You are doing great!


It’s the start of our eleventh hour. By gosh! By golly!

We are approaching the midpoint of the Readathon.

As a vet Readathoner, I have to tell you that these hours are the hardest.

But you can do it. Push through!


This is my last hour as host here at Readathon.  🙁

I’ve loved hanging around here with you today.

I hope you will visit my blog, Readerbuzz, soon!

And please welcome your next host, Dana, at the halfway point!


A little more inspiration: Gotta Keep Reading


And I leave you with a final thought:

Fight Evil


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19 thoughts on “Hour 11”

  1. Hi all. I’ve just been reading away, cheerleaders have been great. Time to do a blog update, I’ve just been using twitter.

    Wonderful day.

  2. I agree: these are the toughest hours. We just went out and ran around in the park next door for a few minutes to see if we can shake that off; it’s always when I’ve crashed in the past. Good luck to all readers and cheerers! Keep on keeping on!

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