October 2011, readathon

Hour 10: Don’t Stop Your Reading!

Hour 10 has arrived! Congrats for going this far!

Since this is my last hour here, let’s end it with a BOOOM! I’ll go but you have to promise me you’ll keep reading, yeah? Don’t fall asleep, don’t quit, DON’T STOP THE PARTY!


And I also have the plasure to be hosting the mini-challenge!

Wait, what?

Yeah, you heard it right! Head over to my blog and participate to win 4 ebooks AND it’s international! It will be lovely having you all there =D

Mini-Challenge: My Perfect Anthology

Still Ongoing: Book Puzzle & Character Pictures

Winners: To redeem your prize, email us at deweyreadathon-gmail and let us know which prize from the Prize List you’d like to redeem.

Lisa @ When She Reads

Michelle @ intoyourlungs

Christina (Ardent Reader)

K. Imani Tennyson

David @ Books & Things

Update: Top 5  Mini Clhallenge Winner: Bonnie Jacobs From Bonnie’s Books


Our next hostess is Cass @bonjourcass! Make her feel welcome, everyone! It was a pleasure being here!

16 thoughts on “Hour 10: Don’t Stop Your Reading!”

  1. I had people over until 8am today, so I’ve only just now slept and remembered the readathon! D: But, reading for ~14 hours is still a marathon, if 10 hours less impressive, so I’m ready and raring to go!

  2. You guys are great! And who knew you had to log your books here? LOL This is my second readathon and clearly I’m not very observant whilest in read mode.

    Keep going everyone! We are amazing!! (Only hour 9 for me … I thought I was supposed to start at 8am est but I will read that extra hour to keep it a full 24)

  3. #readathon I’m having a blast this is my first time but not my last time. Let’s pump it up and read! I’ve finish one book and I have started on another one. I’m pump let’s do it together.

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