April 2017

Hour 10 – The TBR Tower

It’s Dana back for another hour of reading fun! I hope you all enjoyed (and did) my little scavenger hunt. I love bookish memes so that was especially fun.

I go into each readathon with a stack of possibilities. I am such a mood reader that I know I won’t stick with a specific TBR list but if I have several to choose from, I will find one that suit my mood. Today I’ve set aside a couple of contemporary YAs because I am trying to expand my reading genres don’t read those often. I also have some graphic novels, a couple of sci-fi and fantasies and a WWII inspired novel. Plus the big shelf of books that I own and never read because library books. 😀

What’s your favorite way to pick books for the readathon? Share with me in the comments and let me know what book is your favorite that you’ve read so far today.


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19 thoughts on “Hour 10 – The TBR Tower”

  1. This is my third time participating in Dewey’s Readathon and I’ve gone with a theme each time. My first was Jane Austen Books and tea party goodies(Finger sandwiches, scones and tea). Last October, it was horror novels and fall-based snacks (spiced apple cider, butternut squash soup, etc.) This time around, I made a TBR pile with all the nonfiction I’ve been putting aside. So far, I am still on book 1, Dubai: The Story of the World’s Fastest City by Jim Krane. My parents spent several years in Dubai and I was lucky enough to visit them there and see a little of the city. The book is really interesting and I am fully engrossed (when I’m not participating in challenges, or eating snacks, that is.) However, I couldn’t really think of “nonfiction-type” snacks. So fare I’ve been munching mostly on pita chips and hummus (apropos for a story set in the Persian Gulf, I guess) and keeping myself well-hydrated.

  2. I usually pick my books for readathon by using my huge pile of books that I have out from the library. I too am guilty of never reading my own books because I always have a huge stack of library books to read. My problem is I see a book I want to read and I don’t usually have the money to buy it right away so I put it on hold at the Library..and before you know it I have a huge stack. Lol.
    I haven’t finished a book yet during the readathon but I am most looking forward to reading a book I own during this readathon. I am looking forward to reading my latest purchase at Barnes & Noble: The Readers of Broken Wheel Reccomend

  3. I picked books that I had committed to reading – and reading soon – or that I just needed to finish. Since I’ve read 3 volumes of Saga today, it worked out well and I am very happy!

  4. I went through all of the oldest books on my library wishlist and got those that were shorter and quickly available. I’m really enjoying some of them and glad I finally can say that I’ve read them! My favorite so far is Pirates! An adventure with Scientists

  5. I went through all of the oldest books on my library wishlist and got those that were shorter and quickly available. I’m really enjoying some of them and glad I finally can say that I’ve read them! My favorite so far is Pirates! An adventure with Scientists

  6. I usually just pick books from my backlog, which is massive. I like a healthy mix of audio, ebook, print and graphic novels to help keep me focused and sane while I read. My favorite book today has been Love Hurts by Lodro Rinzler.

  7. Great way to pick them. I really enjoyed Saga. My library needs to get the newest one asap! 🙂

  8. OH yes! This is me. I went to our “big” local library and picked up everything that I had wanted to read that my branch doesn’t carry. Walked out with 11 or so books for the readathon. Yikes!

  9. I participate in a reading group on goodreads, The Seasonal Reading Challenge. It gives you tasks and you find books to fill those tasks. I usually read books that go with that challenge. Right now I am reading Carry Me Down by M.J. Hyland. The task was to read a book by an author with initials for a first name.

  10. Like you, I’m such a mood reader! I have a huge TBR pile but I usually have a good idea what’s on my shelf TBR without even looking – books seem to be the one area I don’t have memory problems in… I’m not sure what that says about me!

    What’s the WW2 book you have on your TBR? I find WW2 fascinating. The Holocaust, in particular, makes me incredibly angry but I love to read about it, get different perspectives and hear what happened during that time. Perhaps it’s because I spent a long time living with a Jewish family and then worked for a Rabbi for a while (I’m not Jewish myself, though). I’ve been reading a lot lately about holocaust denial – I can’t believe such a phenomenon exists!

  11. I tend to pick up whatever I’m currently reading and then whatever I have on loan, from the library or a friend. This time, its all library and a little HP thrown in to break things up.

    I am still working on my first book but! I am absolutely loving it! The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

  12. Mostly, I’ve been trying to choose books I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. I haven’t really thought much beyond that. It’s for that reason I’m still on my first book!

  13. I’m such a mood reader that I have more than enough options to get me through the day. I also like to throw in some short reads to make me feel like I’m making progress. Today, I’ve really gotten into an audiobook I’m listening to (I’ll Give You the Sun), which has helped me to get lots of things done around the house!

  14. I always have more books on the stack than can actually be read. I generally have a book or a few in progress, add a book that I’ve been meaning to read ( but for some reason need a push to get started), an audiobook, and some short read options. This time those shorter options includes a book of poetry in progress, the middle grade novel in verse Moo (which I just finished), and a graphic novel version of Great Expectations.

  15. I try and pick mostly from my physical books and a book from a few different genres so I don’t get bored. I also have an audiobook and a graphic novel on hand for breaks.

  16. Most of my readathon books were checked out from the library a while back. This is the perfect day to cram in as much reading as I can so that I can return these books to the library guilt-free.

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