October 2017

Hour 10 – Tremendous Ten

Cass here! Don’t you just love the number ten? 10. Or, if you’re old-timely, X. Either way, it’s glorious, isn’t it? I always think 10 is a great number, but this readathon, it has a special significance.

Ten years of Dewey’s!

This hour, as you:

  1. read
  2. chat
  3. snack
  4. blog
  5. snap
  6. insta
  7. stretch
  8. nap
  9. tweet or
  10. all of these and more, revel in the magnificent power of 10 (or, sure, X, that too). You are part of a decade-old event! And you, too, are magnificent. (Yes, you.)

you are a ten



Readathon Mad Libs

#CoverFromMemory Halloween Edition

10 Years, 10 Books

Prize Winner

Frankie Reads!

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