October 2016

Hour 10 – Because reading is your ONLY priority


Hello again! It’s Allison from The Book Wheel and I’m back again for another hour, so thanks for keeping me around! For those of us with spouses, partners, significant others, kids, or parents living with us, Readathon can be a stressful time. I’m sure most of our others are aware of the fact that books are a priority in life, but when Readathon time comes along, it becomes the ONLY priority in life. After participating in several of these, my husband and I have come to an understanding about how things are going to go down. It is as follows:

  • I spend weeks reminding him that, unless he is offering food or snacks, I am invisible.
  • He is forced to sleep in the spare room because we learned, after the first Readathon, that I have to move around a lot come 2 a.m.
  • Things are easier if he picks up some overtime that day because I always end up audiobooking it and purging/cleaning for a few hours.
  • Dinner is frozen pizza and I am not making it.

This is, of course, easier said than done and is much more doable because we don’t have kids, but I think setting some ground rules ahead of time helps things go more smoothly and prevents unnecessary demands on my time and attention.

Now tell me, what are your ground rule? Do you kick people out of the house? Lock yourself away in a spare room? Head to Starbucks for a few hours to get in some uninterrupted reading time (even though we know you end up people-watching)? Audiobook it while cleaning? I want to know!



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27 thoughts on “Hour 10 – Because reading is your ONLY priority”

  1. haha in my house is more or less the same as in yours. My boyfriend knows he has to go to the supermarket and make dinner himself, and not just frozen pizza, but Dinner, with capital letters. So…
    The rest of the time he does his things without bothering me, just perfect 😉

  2. I am in luck today! My ex took our son to the state fair, and they’re bringing me home a turkey leg! But usually, I just do my best to keep household chores to the essentials – get laundry done on Friday, have finger foods on hand, etc.

  3. I am looking after my nearly recovered mom who really doesn’t need much, and she lets me read all I want. Yea for independent family members!

  4. I have a very supportive boyfriend, he’s offering me snacks and drinks all the time ,and he even shops for good beers, some cheese or whatever he think I might like. He cooks as well, and do the dishes and what have we not. It’s great! 😀
    I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m nuts though… Lol

  5. I do have kids, so I basically let them run feral (same as NaNo). Unfortunately, I’m not able to utilize audiobooks because I’ve never been able to follow along with people reading aloud. I miss out on so much book time! Regardless, when my eyes need a break, I make sure to go spend some time with one or more of the kiddos. Let them see me a bit throughout the day just to remember I’m here.

  6. This is my first year attending, but I know it won’t be my last. I’m reading every second I can at home. My guy understands and knows how excited I’ve been over this. When I’m unable to read, I pull up my audio book and listen to it while I do what I need to do. Last hour and this hour I’ve taken a break due to a headache I can’t shake. Will probably take a short nap.

  7. I’m lucky that my SO is highly supportive. We both make an effort to block the weekend for readathon purposes, he feeds me snacks and real food, reminds me to drink some water and cheers on me to read more. He uses the spare time to craft, play games and binge watch movies and shows I’ve already watched or have no interest in watching. It’s a perfect understanding!

    My family is also very supportive of this. We live in different cities and usually phone each other every day and send whatsapp messages through the day, but today they’re mostly silent. My mom participated once, so she understands. Unfortunately, she always has something or other during the readathon. I loved it when we both readathoned long distance!

  8. I’m so excited that my kids are participating with me this time around! My son is blowing through the books, and I can’t be more proud. They are pumped for the snacks, and they know not to disturb me while I’m reading or listening. Of course, they are older so it makes it easier for them to cooperate now!

  9. Much like you, I begin to lay the ground work in advance. I have a hubby and four kids. I told them I was participating and explained what that meant for me. Last time around, we had a quiet Saturday with no activities and hubby did all of the cooking for the family that day. This go around, our kids had two soccer games, but I was able to read in between. Hubby handled lunch for the kids, my 10 year old daughter actually made my lunch for me <3, and hubby is making dinner. He knows that tonight I'll be reading instead of watching a movie with him, and that I will likely stay up past when he goes to bed. He and the kids are very supportive. It helps that my kids are older – 17, 14, 10 and 9, and my 9 year old loves reading like I do so he doesn't interrupt me at all. <3

  10. My tweens are just exciting that they are getting uninterrupted screen time while I hunker down with my books. My husband wanted a little cuddling when he got up, which is hard to say no to. I was super lucky and ended up with yesterday off, so I made a point of spending time one-on-one with all three of them, and of getting the kitchen clean and laundry started. They are capable of figuring out their own food, and I hid my snacks from the kids so I can eat what and when I want to.

    I was amazed the first time I did this at how supportive they were with it, and this time I gave them very little warning, so I was expecting more in the way of interruptions. I think because it’s “official” they respect my commitment.

  11. My fiance seems to have no problem to attending to my random requests during the ‘thon. He will bring me food, give me a kiss and go back to what he was doing. And he’s a PC gamer and a new season of Diablo III started last night… so he’s happy to play all day.

  12. In the past, I’ve spent the weekend at my parents place, and my dad makes me spaghetti for dinner. I know I’m the luckiest daughter ever! My parents are away on a trip, so I’m on my own for this year. I got groceries that are mostly snack and munching foods and sandwich ingredients and things like veggies and dip. There are chores I’m ignoring, and straightening up I’m not doing because today is all about indulging in books and social book conversations.

  13. Oooh, if only I could kick people out of my house! I would get so much more reading done. Instead, I have my 5yo asking me (a bazillion times) if tomorrow is Halloween. My butt is perched on the couch or at the kitchen table, mindlessly saying yes or no to random 5yo questions. Haha!

  14. These days I don’t have too many issues. I post my intentions and let a few friends know, but really the biggest interruptions come from the dogs. To that end, I have quiet conversation prior to the event explaining that they must be on their best behavior. We discuss the frequency of potty breaks, the need for food and snacks, and how important it is that we all be in sync with regard to these matters. I also stress their need for naps. As for other potential interruptions:

    1. Don’t answer the phone.
    2. Don’t answer texts.
    3. Don’t Google or go on Internet.
    4. Do NOT leave the house.

    Other than that? No problems.

  15. This is my first time, and I told all my housemates yesterday, “if you need anything from me, tell me now, because I will be around tomorrow but Not Available.” Dad and his girlfriend tried to get me to watch her dog overnight but I said NO. (I felt kinda bad, but sometimes you have to prioritize yourself, right?)

  16. This is my 11th readathon and my husband and I had a great system. But this is my first readathon with a baby, TOTALLY different! We’re figuring it out again.

  17. I have a husband and a 7 year old child. I attempt to set some “ground rules” when it comes to the read-a-thon day as it gets closer and well those rules are met with mixed success. I have informed both all food will be “get it yourself”….that has been going ok so far but we shall see as the day goes on. Right now my biggest challenges have been hubby stole my recliner and so I’ve had to make “adjustments” to my preferred reading seating and every time I get on the computer to “check in” online my daughter spends the entire time asking me if I’m done yet because she just remembered she has a computer game she wants to play. Oh…and I would like to ban the TV in the living room so I can sit in there and read, but so far when I suggested turning it off I got the “stink eye” look for my asking. Ideally I would love for hubby to take our daughter out somewhere for the day…a little daddy daughter time. But truth is I would probably then spend the time wondering what they are doing and missing them and their interruptions.

  18. My husband is kind. I only mentioned this day a few times. He took our kids with him to work to give me some alone time and didn’t give me any garbage about listening to my audiobook during our kids soccer games this morning.

  19. This is my first year doing this, and I told my son no school today. (I homeschool him and our weekends correspond to my husband’s days off so he gets 2 days off school in the middle of the week.) I fixed my son very quick and easy meals today and set him up with a tablet and Netflix. Now that hubby is home, things are getting harder for me, because hubby is distracting me. I told hubby he’d have to cook, but I’m doing more instruction than reading!

  20. My husband laughs and wants to know how today is any different from any other day. But he’s always great about leaving me alone on readathon day. He brought me breakfast and even went out and bought a new ironing board cover, so he could finish the ironing. Now he’s gone out with friends. I may have to keep him 🙂

  21. Normally this would be a beautiful and relaxed day but dogs and people are being total douchebags so pretty much I lost 3 reading hours and some in between so now I am getting into the books themselves and hopefully the first read book this day.

  22. Today is set aside like a holiday. Planned ages in advance . Have to say that so far everyone, partner, housemates, friends, etc really respect it. Think it’s because they are glad to see me taking time for me. I’m often told I should be a little more selfish, rather than always prioritising others. I guess readathon is my time for that. And this time around my best friend has joined in, so it’s even easier and nicer.

  23. I tell my husband and month in advance that he needs to make OTHER PLANS. He knows what that means! I don’t have kids, so that means I get the house pretty much to myself all day and night!

  24. I remind my husband the time and dates I will be unavailable. I also remind him that he will be in charge of the kids as well as the meals. I start doing this a week in advance because he does have short memory, or at least claims to have short memory. He is pretty good at keeping the kids outside or busy during the day so I don’t have so many distractions but I usually start to miss the kiddos around the 4 hour mark so I take a break and spend some time with them. This is my second year participating in the Readathon so 4 total and we seem to have gotten a routine down for weekends like this weekend. I’m just glad I have a family who understands that mommy needs mommy time to indulge in something she loves.

  25. I am reading Dark Matter. I don’t know this readathon works, I don’t know the rules. I only know that I’m reading and enjoying it plus reading your comments.

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