Hour 10

Readerbuzz in Spring


¡Hola, mis amigos de libros! (Hello, my book friends!)

Me llamo Deb Nance at Readerbuzz.

¡Me alegro de conocerte! (Happy to meet you!)


Do you realize that you are nearing your tenth hour of reading?! Awesome!

50s woman


If you need a lift, here’s another little reading video:  Get a Clue


So glad that you are out there in the world reading!

Step on it

You are doing great!  Hang in there!


Mini Challenges

Book Trailer from Jehara (link fixed)

Still Ongoing

Books on Books from Stacy’s Books

#BookTube Challenge from Estella’s Revenge

Door Prize Winners Announced –

Okay, this is really, really weird….I randomly selected, from the list of Readathon participants,


Of course, I will not give the door prize to myself (though I secretly wish I could)

but I will move on to the next randomly selected Readathon participants….

Jenn Renee at Jenn Renee Read

Jennifer at The Relentless Reader

 E-mail to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

Cheerleader Winner

Samantha Nicola at Time for Reading

Update our Books Read database HERE!

19 thoughts on “Hour 10”

  1. I actually randomly selected someone whose blog name is “Booking in Heels” and my blog name is “Stiletto Storytime”. Very big coincidence but I was happy random number generator was able to alert me to someone else out there who loves both high heeled shoes and books!

  2. Funny how I am not even close to being tired. I think listening to drama on BBC radio is perfect for resting my eyes. it’s 11pm here by the way. So ask me again in like 3 hours…

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