October 2012, readathon

Hour 10

…and then I need the Read-A-Thon so I can try them all on!  Hour 10?  You guys!  Look how far you’ve made it!  Oh, wait did I sound impressed?  You aren’t even half way there yet!  But you’re close!  You can do this!  YOU CAN DO IT!  So proud of you for making it this far!

When I’m cheering and I see what you are all reading, I have this problem.  It’s called a Shopping Cart at Amazon?  It’s like Oh. My. Goodness, that sounds like a great book (which I find premises of these books because of so many of the fab mini-challenges!) and I rush over and toss it into my cart.  And then I’m looking at that cart (not the next day, but Monday, because let’s be real, we’re all sleeping it off on Sunday) and it’s totaling like five hundred bucks because y’all are so adept at choosing great-sounding reads!  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone? Anyone?  Please tell me someone does and I’m not alone in being in awe of your book choice wonder powers.

This is my last hour with you guys *sniff* *sniff* But I’m happily handing over the reins into the VERY capable hands of Nat from Reading Romances!  I’ll still cheer you on and keep track of you guys from Twitter and Facebook, but before I sign-off, one last thing.  ROCK THIS ‘THON! (Here’s my no-fail no-sleep playlist for this ‘thon)

Don’t have Spotify?  It’s free.  But download it later.  You have READING to do!


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Winners Announced

The winner of Book Blogger Bingo is Jennifer from The Relentless Reader

And, we’re awarding two of our fab fab fab cheerleaders this hour:

Louise Hector and Bonjour, Cass!

You two just email the dewey box with your prize and mailing addy!

Thanks for all of the Rah Rah Rahing, you guys!  Keep up the great work!

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Book Puzzle

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13 thoughts on “Hour 10”

  1. Great idea posting your playlist! (And no Spotify in Canada yet: sniff.)

    I don’t have an Amazon shopping cart, but I am delightfully irresponsible handling my TBR shelf at GoodReads…with more than 3,000 books on there, it’s obvious that striking that button doesn’t have any relationship to the number of living years that I have for reading. Good luck with your addiction, and great job hosting!

  2. I don’t do the shopping cart thing but my TBR list on GoodReads grows enormously! And I am like the girl on your pic – books are an obsession for me like shoes are for some.

    Oh, and spotify is awesome! I love it! Now, back to reading the amazing ‘gods in Alabama’ by Joshilyn Jackson.

  3. Sounds like I need to take a page from you guys and just add them to Goodreads! @BuriedInPrint: TRAVESTY! TRAVESTY I tell you!!! May the Spotify gods smile upon you soon!

  4. So excited about winning the Book Blogger Bingo, yay! I’d loooove the 5 Newbery winners, reader choice – donated by Bybee. I hope I’m posting this in the correct place?

    Thanks bunches, keep on reading you crazy kids!

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