October 2015

Hour 10 – 10 Totally Untrue Facts About the Readathon

Cass here again, and guess what? You’ve made it to hour 10! You get a gold star!



In honor of hour ten, here are 10 facts about the readathon that are completely untrue because I made them up:

  1. Did you know… the 2013 film The Heat was a slightly-fictionalized retelling of the true exploits of our fantastic hosts (and BFFs), Andi and Heather?  tumblr_mxby3aOgBB1s1efqyo1_500
  2. One in 250 readathon participants has shared a cup of tea with Nearly Headless Nick?

    He can’t drink it, of course, but he enjoys it all the same.
  3. The number of incidents of “super paper-cuts” among participants has decreased ten-fold since the advent of steal readers’ hand-protecting gloves.
  4. Trish challenged me to a cheer-off, but I’m too chicken to show up.

    I don’t mess with Texan cheerleaders. I may be a Yankee, but I’m not DUMB.
  5. The most popular readathon snack is raspberry-banana flavored cheese sticks. Don’t ask me why. I haven’t made that part up yet. (1/2)
  6. In the weeks before Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, grocery stores and markets across the world stock up on sweets, coffee, tea, and of course raspberry-banana flavored cheese sticks, in anticipation of the big event.
  7. We are all one degree of separation from Levar Burton, actor, director, producer, author, and beloved host of Reading Rainbow.

    giphy (2)
    Wait…that one’s true.
  8. The two most popular colors among Super Fans of the readathon are red and blue. (**The highly scientific twitter survey I conducted received two responses. Thank you!)
  9. On the day of the readathon, if you hold a book to your ear, you can hear the sound of a keyboard clicking as an author grumbles.
  10. In a rare unanimous decision, 100% of readathon participants have agreed that this photograph is a classic and have agreed it should be inducted into the Readathon Photograph Hall of Fame. As soon as we create one.


What’s your favorite totally made up fact about the readathon? Let me know on Twitter with hashtag #fakereadathonfacts!
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10 thoughts on “Hour 10 – 10 Totally Untrue Facts About the Readathon”

  1. HaHa! My personal untrue fact is that I will ever really be able to make it up for the whole 24 hours! 🙂

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