October 2014

Hour 1 – Welcome!


Hello! And welcome to October’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! We are so happy you are here! I’m Heather from Capricious Reader (@capriciousreadr), Head Cheerleader and Co-organizer of this most beloved event and I will be your host for the first two hours.

Like I say every year, thank you to Dewey, for creating this amazing event and helping us build this fantastic community of readers and bloggers the world over. To come together twice a year and read in your memory and celebrate is a fine, fine thing indeed. Blessings on you, my friend.

Also, everyone give a huge standing ovation for my amazing partner in crime, Andi from Estella’s Revenge. This event literally would not live without her. Honestly, I think she just lets me tag along for fun. She could run this with one arm tied behind her back.

So who is ready to read??!?! But first, some housekeeping….

1) Don’t forget to do the opening meme!
2) Don’t forget to link up to it here!
3) In the sidebar and the bottom of every post, you will find a link to a Google Spreadsheet. Don’t forget to submit the books you read there. We love to see how many books are read!
4) Tweet with us throughout the day! You can use the hashtag #readathon and follow us @readathon. You can also follow #rahrahreadathon to give some blessings to your faithful cheerleaders today. Just be sure you don’t tweet TOO much and get kicked out! It’s happened before!
5) Follow us on Instagram at Dewey’s Readathon. We want to see how your day goes! Don’t forget to hashtag it! #readathon
6) And don’t forget the most important part: HAVE FUN!

Mini Challenges

Opening Meme!

Door Prize Winners Announced –

Fill out the form HERE to claim your prize.

Reader Winners:

Sherry Ann
Tami – Just One More Thing
Mom’s Small Victories

Cheerleader Winners

Natalia @ Reader in Training
Rachel @ Purple Owl Reviews
Rachael @R_Torr
Crina @ReadingAddict
Bouchra Rebiai

Update our Books Read database HERE!

22 thoughts on “Hour 1 – Welcome!”

  1. I am so excited to participate again! It has been so long since my last one! And it is the perfect time for a day of pure reading!!!

  2. My alarm didn’t go off and I’m off to a late start! Note to self, make sure you’re alarm isn’t set to only go off on week days when it’s the weekend 😛 Happy reading everyone!

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