April 2010, readathon

Gimme an R!

Readers got the books
Cheerleaders got the rhymes
We’re ready for the read-a-thon
It’ll be good times!

Are you ready for the read-a-thon? Your cheerleaders are!

This year we have four cheerleading squads…Keats, Byron, Shelley and Wordsworth (that’s our little way of acknowledging National Poetry Month). Each squad has been assigned to a group of readers and I know they’re all excited to start waving their pom-poms and yelling (er, posting) their cheers.

If you’re interested in more cheerleading details, we have a blog set up this year…24 Hour Readathon Cheerleading HQ. It’s also not too late to sign up to be a cheerleader!

While you all are busy creating your reading piles and snacks, I’d like you to take a few seconds to do one teensy, weensy little favor for your cheerleaders. Please, please, please, please, please…turn OFF the word verification. Your cheerleaders will love you forever. You can turn it back on afterwards, but I can’t tell you how much easier you’ll make it for us all if you turn it off for the read-a-thon. And if you get visited by those pesky spam-bots? Just pretend they’re saying Happy Reading!

See you at the read-a-thon!

7 thoughts on “Gimme an R!”

  1. I’m posting to a LibraryThing thread not a blog this read-a-thon and I just realized that in order to get “cheered” people will need to create a login for LT. It’s very simple, just an email address and password and maybe a one time “I’m a person not a machine” verification. You can then chose to stay “logged in” and never have to sign in again but I wonder if this will turn cheerleaders off. 🙁

  2. I’m posting Livejournal but I can turn off for the duration the option that prevents anonymous comments.

    Obviously any cheerleaders with a livejournal can comment using their LJ.

  3. I use Posterous at the moment, as far as I know anyone can comment, but especially those with twitter accounts, the link is in my twitter profile if that helps or cheerleaders could just tweet me, I’m @JaqFan there.

  4. 😀 Great names for the cheerleading squads LOVE them!!!

    I think I’m good to go on comments. Thanks for the reminder!!! pst: I’ll double check just in case. Hopefully, the only thing I have blocked is spam comments.

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