October 2009, readathon

Attn: Cheerleaders

willcheerHi guys! I hope that you’re getting your pom-poms dusted off in preparation for tomorrow! 🙂

I have just sent out e-mails to all of the cheerleaders that I have in my spreadsheet, assigning teams and including a few hints and tips from myself. If you haven’t received an e-mail (accounting for e-mail lag time, so give it an hour, and spam filters, so check yours!), and you still want to cheerlead, please e-mail me (astripedarmchairATgmailDOTcom) as soon as possible! Or, if you’ve just decided today you want to cheerlead, or found out you’d have the time (remember, you only need to commit to an hour) go ahead and e-mail me: it’s not too late!

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

5 thoughts on “Attn: Cheerleaders”

  1. Hello Eva!

    I think I mentioned last April that I’d like to sign up for cheerleading this time. It’s quite late (around 8 hours before the Read-A-Thon starts) but if you still need people I’m more than willing to join.

    Will email you in a bit.

  2. Hi Jodie! I’m going to be using the Mr. Linky signup list; I don’t know if someone put together a feed link or not.

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