April 2017 Prizes

If you are signed up to read, you are automatically entered to win our hourly “door prizes.” All you have to do is show up and be active the day of the readathon at the URL you submitted when you signed up! We randomly choose our winners and announce them every hour at! 

In order to claim your prize when you see it announced in an hourly post, please pick your top 3 choices and fill out the form below.

For the most part, hourly mini-challenge prizes are awarded by the blog owners hosting the challenge (unless noted otherwise). The prizes below will be made available to our hourly “door prize” winners.

Which section do I choose from? 

Read labels carefully. Donors decide where their prizes go. The term “International” indicates countries outside the US and Canada. We have various sections: International, US, Canada, Denmark, etc.

If you fit into more than one section, feel free to choose from any of those sections! If you’re from Denmark, you don’t have to choose only from the Denmark section. You’re also international!

Note: Many of the books offered by publishers are ARCs. We try to label them when we’re made aware of them.