Calling All Cheerleaders! WE NEED YOU

Calling All Cheerleaders! WE NEED YOU


Hey you! Yeah, you! Can’t participate in the Readathon? It’s okay, we understand.

But, can you spare an hour? Two? Twenty-four???  I kid, I kid. But seriously, if you are sad you can’t read all day long with us, perhaps you can pause during your day to cheer a few people on?


Last April, we had over 1500 readers. We had about 100 cheerleaders. The odds were not in our favor.

So, if you can give us even a little bit of time, we would LOVE to have you join in the fun! There will be some changes this time around, hopefully making cheerleading easier *and more fun!* that ever before.

Sign up below!

3 thoughts on “Calling All Cheerleaders! WE NEED YOU

  1. This is my first year cheerleading (yay!) and I’m not sure how this is all organized. Am I assigned hours to cheer? Or do I decide which hours to cheer on my own? Am I assigned specific readers? Or do I pick randomly from the list of readers?

  2. I may have signed up to cheer twice. I can’t remember if I signed up to cheer when I signed up to read or not, so I figured better safe than sorry. If you’re seeing my name on your list a second time, kindly disregard my total cluelessness. 😉

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