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April 2017 MINI-CHALLENGE Volunteers!

April 2017 MINI-CHALLENGE Volunteers!

It’s that time again, and we’re gathering mini-challenges for the April 29, 2017 Read-a-thon!

Who? Anyone who has participated in the Read-A-Thon before and knows how the Mini-Challenge piece of the puzzle works.

How? Fill out the form below.

What? You provide the Mini-Challenge and some sort of prize. If you are unable to provide a prize, we will do our best to conjure one for you, but we cannot be certain of it! 15 minutes before your hour hits, you post your challenge. An official directions email will surface in your inbox about a week prior to the ‘thon.

Please keep in mind, that participants should be able to easily complete your challenge in 5-10 minutes, so nothing terribly complicated! We want to host challenges across platforms, but keep in mind that we’d like as many participants to be able to take part as possible. That makes some platforms more limiting than others (for instance, a challenge on Litsy requires that all participants have the app).

When? April 29, 2017. If there are more mini-challenge host volunteers than hours in the ‘thon, the wonderful Mini Challenge Volunteer Coordinator will pick the 21 best-suited for readers. These will be fun and stimulate many different parts of the brain, to give you guys a rest and a little rehab from all of that READING!

Without further ado, let there be mini-challenges!

April 2017 READER (and Volunteer) Sign-Ups!

April 2017 READER (and Volunteer) Sign-Ups!


Ready for the Biggest Reading Party of the Year?

Thought so!

In addition to reader and volunteer signups in this post, we also wanted to unveil a new addition to readathon. This season we’ll be putting an emphasis on philanthropy and giving. Dewey was one of the most generous people we’ve ever known, willing to give her time and energy and love to our community of readers. We want to share our love of reading and learning through giving. Giving takes many forms, and we know not everyone has the resources to give financially but we’ll be looking at several ideas throughout the event. room to read logoOur focused effort will be a goal of raising $1,000 for Room to Read, a non-profit organization focusing on literacy and girls’ education across Africa and Asia. You can visit our campaign page or check out Room to Read’s Charity Navigator report card.

Without further ado, reader sign ups are live and we’re so excited for you to join us on April 29, 2017. Please sign up to join us below and come to the (1st) biggest book party of the year!

If you’d like to volunteer to help with the event, sign up below and we’ll get back to you!