Hour 9

We have a busy hour here at the 9 hour mark. It seems we have a little something for everybody!

Mini Challenges

1. Ashley from Ashley’ Library is hosting the Book Photo Shoot. Blend some creativity and photography for some fun this hour.
2. Alita from Alita Reads is hosting the Soundtrack Songs–a different twist on music and books from the soundtrack challenge previously hosted.
Head on over and participate–there are prizes involved and we all love prizes!

***Bart has put up a voting booth to judge the entries to his mini challenge, Books, Title, Sentence. Click here to vote!***

Surprise Drawing:
We have randomly chosen two reader winners for this hour!
2. Peachy TO
Congratulations! You each get to choose 2 books from the prize page.

We have also drawn 4 winners from the hour 3 event–muti-time read-a-thon participants. Each winner gets to choose 2 books from the prize page.
1. Memory
2. Jehara
3. Cass
4. Jennifer @ my tea time is book time

Winners from the 5 readers of the hour are:
1. Beth(bookaholicmom)
2. Lenore @ presenting lenore
3. Cheryl @ The books I read
4. Ellie @ Ellz Readz
5. Charlottes Library
You each get one book of your choice from the prize page.

Winners, please email DeweyReadathon at gmail to claim your prize!

Mama Librarian’s Lights, Camera, Read.
Rebecca’s The #pantyworthy read-a-thon challenge.
Kate’s create a Drabble challenge

16 thoughts on “Hour 9”

  1. Sounds cool. I have been looking at other blogs and you all seem to be having a good time. I can say that i am having a BLAST! Well off to sit outside and read!

  2. Way to go everyone… Happy reading… I am surprising myself, I read one particularly good proverb book as my easy read…

    I am so re-reading that book….

    Any word on Hour 5 challenge – Kate’s Book, Score, Soundtrack Challenge…


  3. Officially don’t like little black inch worms. I am reading inside the rest of the day! (if you want to know why just read my blog I am perfectly justified in not liking them.)

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